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Best street art in town...

Sydney is home to a super-cool community of street artists, however, Graffiti is illegal in Australia.

Recently there have been some city council initiatives that have encouraged artists to spray, paint, draw, create and design in public spaces and Bondi beach is one of them! Always ready to bring a splash of colour, a touch of imagination, or just the perfect Instagram post. As with just about every piece of real estate in Sydney, these urban canvases are hotly contested spaces, which is part of the thrill.

While graffiti and street art are generally frowned upon, if not entirely prohibited, in most regions of New South Wales, Bondi is one of the few areas in the state where street art isn’t just legal,but also encouraged.

If you’re checking out the street art on the Bondi wall, take the time to head up Wairoa Avenue – Mexican street artist Peque Vrs has done an amazing job of repainting the front of the Waverley CouncilWAYS – (Waverley Youth Services) building.

Bondi Beach graffiti wall

The long concrete wall that runs along the back of the south end of Sydney’s most famous beach has been a canvas for street artists since the 1970s. But things have changed a lot since then: it’s now regulated with the council approving a rotating roster of leading artists (mostly local but a handful of famous international stars) who get to take over their allocated segment of four or eight metres for a limited period. The other thing that’s changed since the '70s? Artists have recognised the growing influence of Instagram and often include their handles or hashtags in their work.

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