I've helped 100's of artist from different states and now I'm proud to say even countries, making myself international giving artist direction and focus on their craft but most importantly sharing YOUR vision as an artist.


We don't just sell beats and merch, I mean sure that's how we try to fund our passion but mainly because we love to create music more than anything...


No.1 I like to work with my artist on growing into success rather then a one-hit-wonder type of thing and never speaking again, it wouldn't be any benefit to me if I was to cash in off a time ten dollar deal just as if it were for you to get one-time album sale which is around the same price not to mention 


No.2 I'm flexible on my creativity whereas most don't want you to mess with their beats, I don't just give you complete access to not only the beats and track stems after purchase but also have that one on one producer session if you would like to work together on YOUR song with the guide of the producer right with you in arms reach if you need at no extra charges for your first 3 songs 


No.3 I check up on you to see how you're developing and give you tips and tricks throughout the course of your career, sure you can use other producers there is nothing stopping you. Just knowing you got me by your side might do you good whenever you get stuck on things. I know how it can get as I've been in the music business for about ten years now and only since the sudden change in technology the last few years I been able to accomplish some pretty cool stuff which could maybe help you too.

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