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5 hot trends in street fashion

StreetWear really is the “grey area” of urban clothing; In recent years the term has grown in popularity at an extreme rate, meaning the term “StreetWear”

Streetwear has become increasingly popular in fashion these days, evolving from being seen as a more casual, everyday style to making appearances in high fashion. Today, streetwear is one of the most popular styles but the term itself can be confusing. There are so many different types of clothing that fall under streetwear, and so many subgenres of streetwear style.

Streetwear also varies across the world—with the looks in Sydney differing greatly from what you’d see on the streets of Queensland or Coastal Areas.

Usually, As you can tell, the skate style incorporates humour or pop-culture references through graphic T-shirts or slogan baseball caps. The main thing is to be casual and have fun with it! This makes this style really personable and fun. An easy go-to look I’d recommend is a graphic tee featuring one of your favourite bands, shows, or any cool logo you like, a pair of Dickies, a baseball cap, and some Dope Sneakers. To view our range or shop in-store just click here.

More Moden Day Style's

Techwear is an ultra-modern style that has risen in popularity in recent years which focuses on both style and functionality. Basically, it takes extremely functional pieces such as military vests and cargo pants and puts a sleek modern twist on them by styling with luxe fabrics and/or with a modern colour palette like blacks and greys. The functionality of these pieces takes inspiration from outdoor wear and sportswear. Therefore, a lot of silhouettes and materials such as technical vests and GORE-TEX are found in tech wear.

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