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"ARLEE’S PRODUCTIONZ" Now offer a FREE to try professional mixing & mastering service.

All mixing and mastering services include excellent sound and format ready for iTunes, Spotify, CD, etc.

 Final turn around time is roughly 24-48Hrs Depending on the quantity and the size of the songs.

 Order your free to try mixing & mastering service by clicking the link below and following instructions on the form.


It's that easy!

 Everything that’s happened before the mixing and mastering processes affects the ways engineers can manipulate sound: the instruments’ unique   tones, the microphones and their placement relative to amps, the size and structure of the recording room, the performance of the musicians the   day they record—the list is nearly infinite.


The technique of mixing a song is to make the best of each individual track by adjusting levels, panning, and adding audio effects such as (Eq, Comp,   Reverb, ) etc.


A multitrack recording is anything with more than one individual track (also known as Track outs or Stems). The final output of a multitrack recording   is also known as the "Mix-Down". The Mix-Down is the final step before Mastering.

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November 28th, 2019 - Release Date


Beats By Arlee - Volume 1


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                   ARLEE'S NEW SINGLE

                   !OUT NOW!   
                "THAT PLACE"

A highly anticipated and self produced track from Arlee, available right here on our site.

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Release Date - January 2020


Beats By Arlee - Volume 2