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Young Chang Piano Serial Number

Looking to find the age of your Young Chang Piano? Find help tolocate the serial number on your piano here,then reference the chart below.1978 - 78000001980 - 80000001985 - 01470001990 - 15373861995 - 21130922000 - 24298762003 - 2559247

Young Chang Piano Serial Number


HAMILTON PIANO CO., Est. 1889, with factories at Chicago Heights, Ill. Controlled by the Baldwin Piano Company. Gibson Guitars Guitars acquired the Hamilton name in 2001, when they purchased the Baldwin Piano Co. See Acrosonic or Baldwin for additional numbers. Serial numbers are for the first piano made in year shown.

When quoting a piano move, the instrument size is extremely important for accurately determining the number of movers and type of equipment needed. Because piano manufacturers differ in their descriptions, the best way to communicate your piano size is to provide a make and model number. Please note that the serial number will not provide the piano size, however, if your piano is going to be picked up or delivered at a business, it may be beneficial to provide your mover with the serial number as well.

Depending upon the brand, the model number can be in different places. The information and images below provide general information and brand specific areas. If you cannot find any serial or model numbers, your piano may have been refurbished and the number plate, if there was one, was not put back on or the number was covered.

Looking at a Young Chang upright piano, serial number 8006072, U121, for a mid to late intermediate piano student who has promise. It is being sold for $2500. Is this a fair price? What do you think about Young Chang pianos?

No, the CG serial numbers are from pianos made in their Chinese factory. They didn't begin manufacturing in China until about 1995. I have a TG-157 myself and it's a fine piano. Mine is serial #CG 0001926 and I bought it in 1998. The TG model number also identifies their Chinese pianos, their factory being located in Tianjin.

Today, Young Chang pianos are distributed worldwide and they control 50% of the domestic Korean piano market. The company continues to employ over 2,000 employees at their various facilities. Efficient workmanship combined with sophisticated manufacturing equipment allows the company to output high numbers of pianos at affordable prices. Quality control has improved over their many years in business with some agreeing that it now rivals piano factories in neighboring Japan. Hyundai upon purchasing Young Chang completed upgrades at both the Korean and Chinese factories. For more than five decades, the company has won critical praise and awards for quality within the industry, and they plan to continue the tradition. We have found that these pianos are well suited to beginning pianists and offer good overall quality at a reasonable price. If you are considering a Young Chang piano, we do recommend the consideration of a new Japanese Kawai-built grand, upright or digital piano. 076b4e4f54


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